Bean Cards

    What are beans? What are bean cards?

    Our coffee bean rewards program is something I came up with since we launched our shop! With every physical order, we include a free bean card with artwork on one side and information about our bean card program on the back. On the header of most sticker sheets, there is a bean sticker next to our name which you can peel-up and stick onto the shaded areas of the bean card. Fill-up all 21 shaded blobs and you get a free bean sticker sampler that is exclusive to this program!

    How do I redeem a bean card?

    Congrats, you get a free exclusive bean sticker sampler with your next order! All you have to do is:

    ♥ Place an order in our store and leave a "note to seller" that you will be emailing a card.

    ♥ Write down the date you are redeeming the card.

    ♥ Snap a picture of your completed card and email with the photo attachment and your order number.

    ♥ Wait for a quick reply from our team as a confirmation that you will receive the freebie with your order!

    Note: Emails should be sent preferrably as soon as your order is placed. Depending on the season, we sometimes process a new order in just a few hours so we don't want to miss your email!

    Can I redeem multiple bean cards at once?

    Certainly! In fact, we recommend our customers to redeem completed cards 4 at a time. This is because we typically have 4 variations of our bean samplers so redeeming 4 cards means you get all 4 variations. Redeeming completed cards separately across orders will run the risk of you receiving duplicate samplers as they are given at random.

    I ordered more than 21 sheets; how can I get more bean cards?

    You are a super fan! We have a free printable for extra bean cards so feel free to print as many cards as you need :) You can also purchase our previous bean card designs if you wish, but it is not mandatory.

    Do potatoes count as beans?

    You might noticed that a few of our sheets in the shop have a tiny potato doodle instead of the usual coffee bean on the heading. You can use them just like a coffee bean :)

    How often do you change bean card designs?

    Bean cards are not specific to any month or time period. We give out a certain design until we run out, then switch to a new design. The estimate is ~1.5 months per new design!

    Before Ordering

    What is the difference between this website and your Etsy store?

    Ultimately, this is up to you and what you're comfortable with; we just want you to be happy with your shopping experience. As a preface, over 95% of our customers shop on our website opposed to Etsy. Here are the main differences:

    Our Website

    ♥ We have a potato points loyalty program that you can sign-up for on the bottom right corner of your screen! Receive points for signing-up, birthdays, and every dollar spent in our shop. Accumulated points can be redeemed for various levels of shop credit.

    ♥ Products are cheaper on our website. For example, our standard sticker sheets that are 3.00USD on the website is 3.25USD on Etsy.

    ♥ The website gets first priority for special events. Sometimes we list specialty products on Etsy, however in most cases, we only host washi tape sales, vellum sales, product bundles, etc. on our website.

    ♥ As a small business, we are charged less seller fees on our website than on Etsy.


    ♥ All of your purchases across different stores are consolidated in one place for you to keep track!

    ♥ You may feel safer purchasing through a marketplace than on a standalone website (I hope you don't hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns!)

    Do you have any coupon codes?

    We have the code POTATOPACK available all year for 10% off orders over 10USD. We occasionally run sales for special milestones such as our shop anniversary and for my birthday. I recommend for you to join our Facebook group and stay tuned on Instagram as I announce sales on those platforms first! Our newsletter at the bottom of the website is another great way to be up-tp-date on large events.

    Note: Coupon codes must be applied before your payment goes through and the order is confirmed. We cannot apply codes retroactively!

    Do you take custom orders?

    At this time, I am unable to physically take-in any custom orders on demand. This is due to time constraints of university and general shop duties. I am thinking about opening some slots for custom change requests eventually!

    If you happen to have a sticker design idea, feel free to email or use our contact form any time! I design most of my stickers with your planner needs in mind so I'm always open to requests!


    I'm a UK/EU customer; can I still order on your website?

    Yes we are still shipping to the UK/EU! Sticker orders (and other paper goods) are shipped as lettermail like before. For specialty products (e.g., washi tapes, keychains, charms) will require further arrangements. Please email for inquiries!

    Can you ship to my country?

    Most likely, yes we do! We have shipped to 62 different countries and there are currently no limitations.

    After Ordering

    How long will it take for my order to be packaged?

    Our normal processing times are 1-10 business days*. However, during new releases and sale events, the processing times are extended to accommodate the influx of order volume so I recommend for you to check the announcement bar at the top of our website for the most current processing time. Any estimate written on the announcement bar overrides this 1-10 business day estimate by default.

    *business days does not include weekends and holidays (i.e. 1 week has 5 business days)


    Can I cancel or modify my order?

    All orders are final sale and we are not able to make further adjustments after payment confirmation.

    I used the wrong address when ordering; how do I change it?

    Please email ASAP with your order number and address directly. However, I cannot guarantee that we will be able to adjust your address in time so please double check before ordering. Another important caveat is changing your default address of your account does not reflect an order that was already placed. As sellers, we ship to the address you submit your order with so please always email to change your address!

    If your order was already shipped with the incorrect address, unfortunately we do not have any ways of intercepting the transit to change the address. It's likely that your order will get returned to our PO box which in that case, we will contact you to discuss reshipments to the correct address.

    Can you combine two orders into one shipment?

    During normal periods (i.e. we're not hosting a sale event), please do not hesitate to send an email to to see if we can combine your orders for you! It's likely a YES :) If we do combine your orders, any shipping overcharges will be refunded to you when the order ships so you save some money!

    Note: Please do not leave a request to combine in the note of your second order; always email first! We pack orders chronologically so the packer of your order will not see the note in your second order asking to combine.

    Shipping & Delivery

    Where can I track my order?

    By default, orders are shipped by an affordable untracked, letter mail service through Canada Post. If you would like the safety of tracked mail, please select the upgrade at checkout or feel free to email for inquiries.

    If you did purchase tracking, you can track your order directly from the shipment notification, or go into your account history and click into the order you want to track!

    How long do I have to wait for my shipment?

    Transit times depend on numerous variables such as your location, the season and the shipping method. Especially with COVID-19 related delays, the range is even more unpredictable, however I can give the following rough estimates for your reference from my personal experience within the past few months:

    ♥ Domestic Canadian Orders ... 1-14 business days

    ♥ Untracked U.S. Orders ... 8-25 business days

    ♥ Tracked U.S. Orders ... 4-12 business days

    ♥ International Orders ... 1-8 weeks (heavily depends on your country)

    I have not received my order yet; what can I do?

    Please firstly refer to the transit time estimates in the above question and calculate the transit window for your order from the date of shipment. If your order does not arrive within the transit window, please send an email to with your order number and we will assist you the best we can.

    Why is my tracking number showing an error?

    Tracking numbers usually take 1-2 business days to fully sync-up everywhere. If your tracking is still not working after the buffer period, please email for assistance!

    For international orders, tracking may take ~1 week before it starts fully working. This is because we partner with a third-party shipping service that has to internally transport the packages first before it gets sent to your country.

    At TheCoffeeMonsterzCO, we value service speed but also honesty. We only send-out shipping notices if your package is already out the door or will be out the door the immediate morning.


    Product Availability

    Is it normal for most of your washi tapes to be sold out?

    We are currently expanding our storage space to accommodate regular washi inventory, however as of now, washi tapes are mostly only available through preorders and special event releases.

    So when can I purchase your washi tapes?

    The majority of our washi tapes are sold through preorder events. Preorders are unlimited quantities usually for a whole 5 days, and washi tapes are coupled with other fun things to preorder like stamps, washi cards, and perhaps pencil pouches! Other times will be my anniversary sales, birthday sales and Black Friday.

    Do you ever bring back old designs?

    Usually no, I do not bring back old designs unless it's evident that there is an extremely high demand. Preorders are generally 4-8 brand new designs. However, I am considering revamping a few of my older designs with fresh colours so that it's not totally the same as before, but still just as cute!

    How do I stay up to date with release announcements?

    I typically announce all events in detail in our Facebook group and on Instagram. I do send out occasional newsletters but the former two are the best ways to be in the loop. In the meantime, I also have a washi master list for you to check out!

    Business Inquiries

    Do you take wholesale orders?

    We sure do! Our rates are dependent on your order volume and product, so please email with your inquiry and we'll help you out!

    Do you accept commissions and other design work?

    Yes, I love to work on different things throughout the year! If you have a project in mind, feel free to email for availability. I am open to branding, design and illustrative work. 

    Do you have a PO box?

    We do! Our PO box is checked several times a week.



    PO BOX 73111

    Evergreen RPO

    Surrey BC V3R0J2


    Where else might I find your products?

    Apart from this website and our official Etsy store, we have only approved our products being officially sold in the following place(s):

    1. Australia:

    If you are a retailer interested in our products, please do not hesitate to email