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Drawing this made me feel cozy!!! This is essentially a glamorized shot of my Christmas 2020 morning. I say glamorized as my hair was not brushed out at all and my apartment does not look even a quarter as pretty as the one I drew haha. Like many others, I wasn't able to fly home this year so I face-timed my family and had a few treats throughout the day. I wasn't sad to be alone, but rather sad that I wasn't as hyped about the holidays as I normally am. Hopefully next year will be different!
Black Friday always fall in the middle of finals season prep for me...which as a university student and business owner...not a great combo. After getting some things done to prep for our annual sale and reading over some review material, I did some online shopping and called it a day! Yes, I wear my hair in odd ways when I'm at home haha.
I don't mind wearing masks at all, but the fog on my glasses was enough to deter me from going out as little as possible >.< With some suggestions from you all, I later purchased these bendy wire strips to put on the bridge of the mask so that I can form it better to my face, and that worked out really well! Still some fogging if I don't form it right, but so so sooooo much better haha. Also, I had just gotten my Taylor Swift folklore cardigan in the mail!
I flew home unexpectedly during the Summer as I had some things to take care of. Then of course with school starting in September, I had to fly back and I just could not get my brain to stop spinning on the plane. I often plan future collections (such as Studio Ghibli!), things I read about and gibberish that makes no sense.
This comic really blew up!!! I think it's safe to say many of us relate to this haha. Whenever I buy new stationery (pens, washi, sticky notes, stickers) I have a genuine fear of using them as they are just so...perfect. Hard to explain but I'm sure you all get it ;) Definitely trying to get better at using my supplies though!
I drew this a while ago but it's still very my applicable to my life now haha. I have sooooo so so many things to get done during the day and it's hard for me to get in the zone. Once I'm in the zone, I'm a well-oiled machine and can knock out all of my to-dos. But during the night--or rather early morning--my brain is swimming with thoughts and energy that I certainly don't want. I think about ideas for the shop, real life problems and feed my anxiety :)

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  • Helen, you are so incredibly talented. The artwork and commentary are just so so cute, Love them all!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! <3

    Kacey on
  • Thank you for sharing! It’s super fascinating to read about your journey. Thank you for creating not only an incredible business but amazing community within it. Love you tater fam!

    Anne Tran on
  • Very nice read. I have enjoyed reading about your journey and learning about you! Thank you for sharing!!

    Phyllis Roark on
  • Omg I love this so much you don’t even know!!! I swear I feel proud and I’m smiling ear to ear right now!!

    Tina on

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