Plant-Based Banana Bread Recipe

Posted by Helen Wang on

Completely unrelated to anything planners and stationery! I was a bit stressed looking at all of the things I had coming up soooo I got out my supplies and got baking. This recipe is a concoction of all of the different banana bread recipes I have tried, and also adapted to be plant-based. 

Helen's Notes:

  • The apple sauce is to replace the butter and the flax eggs are to replace...well, the eggs. You can use real butter and eggs if you wish! 
  • I like my baked goods to be not-so-sweet. You may need to add more brown sugar or maple syrup to taste.
  • Take the banana bread out immediately. Else, it'll get soggy.
  • Let cool before cutting with a bread knife.

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  • Hello, I just downloaded your handwriting worksheet. I had a mini-stroke and my handwriting needs help. I struggle with controlling and slowing down when I write.
    I look forward to using your handwriting prompt to help improve my handwriting.

    Elvia on
  • Hi. i was just loving your stuff and I was wondering if you could give me some more tips about studying and planning.

    I won't tell you, my mom told me not to on
  • This looks amazing. I’ve never seen actual🍌in banana bread. I need to try this. Will most likely use real eggs, but might sub the butter. I 😍 applesauce.

    Kellz on
  • yay thanks helen

    Sam on
  • This is so well put together Helen! Love it

    Karen Hendricks on

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