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Hello! You might be wondering why we are suddenly on a break. And especially if you are stopping by on November 25th for Black Friday sales and notice that there is zero activity, there must be something up right? I (Helen) feel very ashamed and disappointed in myself with how recent things have gone. The point of this post if you don't want to read it all is that we are delaying our Black Friday sale. I know this defeats the entire purpose of Black Friday, but it is the most responsible decision I can make. The change from having a Black Friday sale to not having one occurred within the span of 30 minutes of the most recent new release, and the rest of the time has just been a build-up of guilt waiting until November 15th before I could announce it.


With this most recent Christmas & Winter release, I looked at previous release data and with the estimates, we can clear orders within 2 weeks before Black Friday no problem. You all completely surpassed all of my expectations.
For reference, the number of orders we got for this "normal" new release surpassed the number of orders we got for our Black Friday sale of last year by a landslide. We essentially had a new release greater than the scale of Black Friday on a random Saturday. I am still having trouble wrapping my head around this and I have been in a state of shock for a few days now. I am so so so grateful and I don't understand still after all of these years, that this is demand for something that I have created.
A lot of you spend your very hard-earned money on my store and my products, and that is something I never ever want to take advantage of. I am very uncomfortable and honestly nauseous with the thought of opening up orders for Black Friday while still having outstanding orders. I think most people can tell that this is a huge decision to make as a business as Black Friday is the time of the year for sales but I just wouldn't be able to live with myself if I don't do the right thing.

What's next?

Well, the thing is, the Black Friday prep is done. We have the sales, freebies, vellum, sticker seals, vinyls, teal pencil pouch, 2023 holidays, new years, lunar new year, and all of that planned. We just have too many orders. So, we will be hosting our own TCMC "Black Friday" sale but just not on November 25th like all other businesses. It's very much not ideal, but it is a necessary thing to do. I will be making adjustments to our December releases to accomodate for this, and also ensure it doesn't interfere with the upcoming subscription.

How will you avoid this in the future?

For 2023, I will be creating a schedule for the entire year ahead of time, with both when things are released, and when I need to get things designed by. This way we don't end up having too many releases at awkward times. I did something similar for previous years, but not as meticulous as university was a huge variable in deadlines. But now that I want to get a better handle on things, I can afford to set more rigid deadlines.
Furthermore, I am still searching for a warehouse to accomodate our needs. We have an open house next week for another warehouse that I am so hopeful about and I would love any extra luck from you that this one works out. We are capped at the number of employees I can hire without moving to a larger space, and my goal is to get this sorted before our 7-year shop anniversary.


I know a lot of you are very understanding and supportive of me, and most people have been giving us the greatest grace. But regardless, me being me, the amount of shame and self-hate I have been feeling in the past week has been overwhelming in itself. Ultimately, this occurred due to my poor planning and no one else on my team. In fact, everyone on my team have offered to at some point come in on their day off and this adds to my guilt.
I am sincerely sorry to everyone for bringing your hopes up and please know this decision was made out of love to ensure that we choose to uphold our standards over profits. I have learned a very big lesson this year, and I do not intend to let it happen again. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will be packing orders all day and night, but I will ensure to respond to all of you under this thread. Love you so much ❤

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  • Take as much time as you need to care for yourself. We will all be here when you are ready!! Looking forward to the new products!!

    Roslyn Hurt-Steverson on
  • We’ll be here when you get back, Helen!

    Take all the time you need and we appreciate all that you do. It brings us so much joy.

    Thank you,

    Christine on
  • Just dropping by to add some love and light to the wonderful comments here. We’ll see you soon enough! :-)

    Gloria Thomas-Fuller on
  • Hi Helen, Don’t worry! I will still be as excited when the release comes! _ Honestly, I’ve never use planner before until pandemic started and that’s when I found you on YT! I don’t even know why I haven’t started using planner until now, your suggestions and creativity has helped me with my work-life balance. Especially since I’m working full-time, wife, mom to 2 kids and another baby coming soon. Look forward to your next release!

    Mei Mei on
  • Hi Helen I’ve been watching your videos for a very long time and I can’t wait till you reopen to be able to get my first ever order from you. Don’t over work yourself just open. Everyone needs time to breath don’t beat yourself up. ❤

    Christina on
  • Helen, you are so admirably responsible. You deserve this success, and I am going to eagerly await when I can get my mittens on some emoti goodness!

    Amanda on
  • Hi Helen, I hope you are feeling a bit better now with all these amazing comments😊 Please, don’t be so hard on yourself. For whatever reason (apart from your shop being super mega cute😁) the orders have been more that you had foreseen, and that is okay, because as far as I know you are not a psychic… so try to be less hard on yourself and enjoy the love😊

    Jessica on
  • You have to do what is best for you! We love your store and will support you no matter what!!! Happy Holidays!

    Sandi on
  • Helen,
    Please do not feel like this is a delay or failure, its great to see you know your limitations and pivot. Look at the positives.. you are so loved and your designs are loved. I’m a 51yr old mom of a 28yr old and 15yr old. My son and I love watching your planning videos. It has helped him with note taking and planning, plus he loves your doodles and artwork, as I do.
    The positive here again is all of us get to have time for another paycheck and get to bless you with orders as you bless us with joy through stickers and other goodies. You already have achieved so much at a young age. Take a breath and be okay with enjoying those achievements knowing how much joy you bring other through your art. God loves you so much and knows how you are feeling and is there to comfort you. We pray continued blessings for you and for God to bring you peace. You are just the sweetest soul and please know that life changes day to day and no two days, months or years are the same, you just do the best with what you can at that moment and we all live the same and know that so please give yourself a lot of grace. We love ya! Super big hugs!! Jen (aka planwithjen on youtube)

    Jen on
  • I meant to say that I hope you are NOT packing at night as well as day!!!

    Lorraine on

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