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Exciting Things Happening in the Next Few Months!

Helloooo! Thank you for reading my first blog post.

I want to hop on here and let you all know the exciting projects that I am working on for the next few months. I'm currently in the final stretch of high school (5 months of classes left!) so life is naturally chaotic. However, I am determined to be on top of everything and make the last few weeks memorable!

Foiled Stickers -- It's no surprise that the planner community is obsessed with foiled stickers! I have been testing some foiling and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. The plan is to do an extremely limited sale of some foiled emoti heads first and get some feedback from you guys. Once we have perfected them, we can mass release them later in the summer when I am off school. It's going to be a shiny few months!

Birthday Event -- Every year, we throw a birthday bash and treat you guys to a sweet event. I already have ideas for what to do this year and it's going to be epic! My birthday is August 6th so be sure to mark it on your calendar and join our Facebook Group for live updates.

Starting University -- Yikes, I will be moving from B.C. to Ontario for my first year of university this Fall! It's going to be a big change but I'm sure I will be able to adjust eventually. The shop will definitely stay open so I can continue to be your sticker dealer ;) 


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