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how I'm prepping for the PBC sale!

Ahhh the PBC sale is just around the corner! I thought I would take a break from the stress and outline how I'm prepping as a seller, and as a shopper. If you are new to the PBC sale, feel free to read all about it on their site:

As a shop owner

the stress is real guys! first up, I need to make sure that I have double, triple, quadruple of my materials. this includes sticker paper, cellophane bags, envelopes, blades, etc. the last time I participated in the PBC sale, I ran out of sticker paper and I had to pay an extra $100 for express shipping. 


I plan on putting new releases up on Thursday night (unannounced) so this means that I have to get allllll of my designing/listings done 2 days earlier than what I'm used to. I actually just finished listing my 2 kits and a tonne of emotis hahaha.


As for the stocking, I have to be honest and say I'm not doing so well :/ While mama tater is definitely cutting away all day, I have been much more focused on the technical aspect. Thankfully, I am done with most of my prep so I can help mama tater cut!


Lastly, I have to stock up on snacks + coffee. The sale starts at 6am my time sooooo I'll take 5 shots of espresso and a crap tonne of candy thank you <3


As a customer

These are the shops that I absolutely HAVE to tackle. I don't doubt that I'll be making more purchases as the day goes by!

- frankheartsyou

- twolilbees

- littlemisspaperie

- peachpom

- sparklypaperco

- annieplansprintables


I am setting my budget to be $200 so if those 6 shops won't get me to $200, I'm going back in for more!



Anyhoo, props to you if you made it through that odd ramble. I have been staring at the computer for so long that I think I am seeing hallucinations. PEACE and love you all <3

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