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My Essential Planner Supplies

Other than stickers and washi, I want to share with you all some tools that really tie my spreads together--despite them not being visible. Hopefully, you'll find these products and tips useful for adding a bit of pizzazz to your planner. NOTE: Click each image to be taken to the website for purchase!

Correction Tape


Truthfully, I did not start using correction tape in my planner until a month ago. Diverging from the intended use, I love to go over the black lines in the Erin Condren before I put in the full boxes and date covers. Especially with pastel kits, correction tape blocks out any shadowing from the black lines showing through--creating a flawless look. 

My Favourite Pens

If you have seen any of my plan with me's or spreads on Instagram, chances are, I used these Paper Mate Inkjoy gel pens! Specifically, I use the medium point 0.7mm in black ink. My love for this pen is attested by the fact that I purchased two boxes of 12 pens...that's 24 pens!!! These gel pens write beautifully on matte and glossy paper alike, and the bold lines mask any flaws in my lines.

Ah, love me some Muji. I use these gel pens religiously for writing class notes and assignments. However, I do use them for certain spreads which would look better with a thin, dainty writing. I find the 0.38mm to be too thin, and the 0.7mm to be too thick so naturally, 0.5mm has won my heart.


Let's introduce some colour shall we? These Pilot Juice 0.5mm pens are perfect if you love colour coding are highlighting important phrases in your planner. Despite the bold, daring colours, this set also features some staple shades which are appropriate for daily use!


Other Tools

When trimming washi or stickers, a sharp, reliable knife is crucial for that crisp edge. The Slice Precision Cutter is perfect for paper crafting and planners.

As a rather clumsy person, I often mess up putting down permanent glossy stickers. To avoid a crooked sticker or a ruined page, soak some un-du on the sticker and peel it back up with ease! The best part is: you can reuse the sticker one it is dry!

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