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Which Stickers Should I Buy? Where do I Start?

If you are new to the planner community, welcome! You will meet a lot of creative, talented, and selfless people who are the source of your inspiration. Diving into stickers can be overwhelming at first since our shop stickers hundreds of designs. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide can help you pick a few sheets to try out depending on your needs! Feel free to click on each image to be taken to the product listing.

GENERAL STAPLES -- These stickers are applicable to most, if not all planner girls! They are the backbone of every spread and you will definitely get a lot of use out of them.

STUDENT FAVOURITES -- As a student myself, I have found these stickers to be the most fitting for our busy schedules. 

NEAT FREAK -- If cleaning is something you do regularly, here are some emotis to turn the not so exciting laundry day to a fun sticker filled spread! 

WORKAHOLIC -- Our shop has a vast range of stickers to fit different professions! For general work-related stickers, here are some suggestions: 

MOM LIFE -- Being a mom might be the hardest job ever! This adorable emotis are perfect for marking your hectic, but rewarding days.

PLANNER ADDICT -- If you are looking for stickers, chances are you are a planner addict like me! I picked some sheets for you to mark all things planner related.





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