Dec 30 New Release

New releases in...
Q: What is a preorder hybrid?
To avoid running into issues of stock selling out too quickly, we developed a new order system for specialty products such as washi. If the stock we have on hand sells out, it will be available as a preorder immediately so everyone is guaranteed stock. 
Q: What are the processing times of preorder hybrids?
If you purchase early and the option indicated is "BUY NOW", your order will be processed quickly in accordance to the processing time listed at the top of the website. If the items sell out and the option indcated is "PREORDER", your order will take 1.5-3 months to ship as the products have to be manufactuered.
Q: How do I know whether the status has changed from BUY NOW to PREORDER?
This will be very clearly indicated on the listing. While we have stock on hand, the only option for you to click is the BUY NOW button. If stock sells out, the only option for you to click is the PREORDER button.
Q: Do I have to be quick to purchase?
Since everyone is guaranteed stock, it is not necessary for you to checkout quickly, unless you value quick shipping. In that case, we recommend for you to purchase at our release time to get our already available inventory. 
Q: Can I mix preorder and non-preorder items in a single purchase?
Yes you can! However, please note that since the shipping fee is paid once per transaction, your entire order cannot ship until the preorders are ready. Therefore, if you don't want to wait 1.5-3 months for your entire order, we recommend for you to separate your order.
Q: I might be moving soon. What do I do about my address?
Please checkout with any address and email us immediately with your order number and situation. We will make a note to contact you right before shipment so we can determine the best address to use then. Please do not simply update your address on the website. Updating your account address DOES NOT change the address of previous orders. You must email us:
Q: When will the preorder window close?
Any products that sell-out and are put on preorder will close for preorders on January 3rd, 11:59pm PT.