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Winter Blue Animal Onesie Pencil Pouch (1 PER PERSON)

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♥ This adorable pencil case featuring our classic animal onesie pattern is perfect for planning on the go! Its structure is a rectangular prism with a square base so it can hold pens, washi tapes, rulers, and even the notoriously long Tombow dual brush pens ;) Note that the items inside the pencil case are not included! It is just to show the sizing.

♥ Disclaimer: We changed the way these pencil cases were made so it differs slightly from the powder pink pencil pouch if you have that one! This is a little stiffer and a smidge smaller so it's not overly spacious, but it's relatively the same.

♥ Metric Sizing: 20cm long X 5.5cm wide X 5.5cm tall 

♥ Material: Tightly woven canvas material with a thin light grey lining (apologies!!! I'm not so great at describing materials fabrics haha)

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♥ Any props shown in the listing photo (washi, pens, clips, etc.) is not included unless otherwise stated. 

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