Graduation Sale (May 21)

Thank you so much for your support! Many of you watched as I applied to university, graduated highschool, flew across Canada, and struggled for the past four years. I am so happy to have completed this chapter of my life and I am hopeful for the next adventure to come. And of course, I will bring you along!
The graduation sale has ended! Thank you so much for your support. We will be working hard to package up your orders!

Can I sign up for multiple subscriptions?

For the first quarter only, we are limiting customers to only one set of themes per customer. What does this mean?
Scenario 1: You can subscribe to one Snail Mail subscription, and one Snail Parcel subscription. But you cannot subscribe to the Pen Pal subscription.

Scenario 2: You can subscribe to the Pen Pal subscription but you cannot subscribe to the Snail Mail and Snail Parcel subscription.

Scenario 3: Of course you don't need to get all of the items! You can pick just the Snail Parcel, just the Snail Mail, or just the Pen Pal.

After this first quarter and we get a better idea of the quantities, we will be lifting this limit and you may subscribe to as many subscriptions as you would like. However, multiple subscriptions must be separate orders. That is, shipping is paid for each subscription.

What are the shipping costs?

Snail Mail

  • Canada ... $2.00
  • USA ... $2.85
  • International ... $3.85

Snail Parcel

  • Canada ... $12.00
  • USA ... $8.00
  • International ... $14.50*

Pen Pals

  • Canada ... $12.95
  • USA ... $8.95
  • International ... $16.00*

*Some international zones may have slightly higher costs for tracked shipping due to limited service

Can I order other things with the subscription?

Unfortunately not! Subscriptions will be all packaged the same, and we will not be able to include other items. Please ensure you are checking out with only one subscription.

Previews, Skipping, Cancelling

Items will be revealed beforehand on social media, but also on the listing for preview.

Customers can skip a month freely.

Customers can cancel their subscription before the 15th of the first month of the quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) directly through the portal or by emailing

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