2021 Black Friday Weekend

It's almost shopping time! Every year for Black Friday weekend, we put together a 3-day event for TCMC filled with promotions, freebies, overstock items and lots of new releases. Here is the information to get you prepared!

(1) Black Friday

General Information

Date: November 26, 9am PT (lasting 24 hours)

Promotion: Use code ALMOST2022 for 18% off

Please ensure the coupon code is applied before submitting your order. We will not be able to apply coupon codes retroactively.

Black Friday Freebies

  • First 250 orders starting Nov 26, 9am PT will receive a free logo vinyl
  • First 150 orders starting Nov 26, 9am PT will receive a free logo vinyl and art print (If you are reading this... although I originally said first 100, I decided to increase it to 150!)
  • Orders over 15USD after coupons and before shipping will receive 1 random animal onesie vinyl
  • Orders over 30USD after coupons and before shipping will receive 2 random animal onesie vinyls
  • Orders over 50USD after coupons and before shipping will receive 2 random animal onesie vinyls and a "Goodbye 2021" sampler
  • Orders over 75USD after coupons and before shipping will receive 3 random animal onesie vinyls, a "Goodbye 2021" sampler, and 1 random compliment card
  • Orders over 100USD after coupons and before shipping will receive 4 random animal onesie vinyls, a "Goodbye 2021" sampler, and 2 random compliment cards
  • Orders over 125USD after coupons and before shipping will receive all 5 animal onesie vinyls, a "Goodbye 2021" sampler, and all 3 compliment cards


Disclaimer: Overstocks are leftover items from previous releases. Therefore, stock is very limited and overstock products do tend to sell-out quickly. We host multiple product preorders throughout the year so if rushing to order isn't something you enjoy, I would definitely wait for our preorder events in which items are available at unlimited quantities!

  • Silver metal ruler leftovers (1 per person)
  • Vinyls from our recent birthday sale (6 designs)
  • Mint emoti head washi tape leftovers (1 per person)
  • Travel time emoti washi tape leftovers (1 per person)
  • Sunshine daisies pencil pouch leftovers (1 per person)
  • Purple pencil pouch lefotevers (1 per person)
  • Once upon a time magnetic pin leftoevers (1 per person)

New Releases

  • 2022 holiday emotis
  • 3 new sticker seals (to be revealed on Tuesday)
  • Golden New Year collection (standard mini kit, hobo cousin, hobo weeks)
  • Large new year doodles
  • Haircut emotis (reformat)
  • Starbucks emotis (reformat)
  • So tired emotis (reformat)
  • Taco time emotis (reformat)
  • In love emotis
  • Sticker organizing emotis
  • Oh deer emotis
  • Cross stitch emotis
  • Record player emotis
  • Paintbrush emotis
  • Language learning emotis
  • Birthday halfboxes
  • Animal onesie post-its
  • Animal onesie speech bubbles
  • Bread & pastry doodles
  • Garbage day doodles
  • Possibly more if Helen has enough stamina to design more :) 
  • 2022 balloon diecuts
  • Art print restocks

(2) Small Business Saturday

General Information

Date: November 27, 9am PT (lasting 24 hours)

Promotion: DOUBLE reward points for every dollar spent

Freebies: Exclusive freebie for orders over 15USD after coupons and before shipping (to be revealed)

My Emoti Planner Vol.2 Preorder

Click here to view the preview the planner

  • Available until November 30th, 11:59pm PT
  • Price: 19.85USD
  • Features: double-sided sticker release page, date stickers, pen swatch page, 54 weeks of undated vertical spreads, 6 sheets of dot grid notepages. 

Other Releases: There will also be new Helen's Lettering stickers available, including some requested full sheets, and French & Spanish days of the week lettering!

(3) Cyber Monday

Date: November 29, 9am PT (lasting 24 hours)

Promotion: Use code ILOVEMONDAYS for 15% off, with the exception of planner preorders. The website will automatically skip discounting the planner.

Freebies: Exclusive freebie for orders over 15USD after coupons and before shipping (to be revealed)

Releases: Added selection of digital products.

(4) Notes & FAQs

Q: Can I load my cart early?

Yes you can! In fact, all of the non-limited releases such as stickers will be added to the website at least half a day in advance, so you can prep your carts in anticipation for the sale.

Q: Will items sell-out quickly?

All of our non-seasonal stickers are unlimited stock, so stickers will not sell-out. Overstock items by nature are limited to what we have on hand as they are leftovers from previous releases, thus those tend to go quickly. If you are not a fan of rushing to order, we highly recommend for you to wait for our multiple preorder events in which specialty releases are available in unlimited quantities.

Q: Can you combine multiple orders?

Under normal circumstances, we are more than happy to combine. Unfortunately for large events such as Black Friday, we do not combine orders to ensure swift processing of orders and also to minimize errors on our end.

Q: What is the processing time? Will I get my items by Christmas?

The processing time is greatly extended to 1-8 weeks to account for the influx of orders, although we hope not to take that long. For that reason, we encourage you to order towards the beginning of the sale so that your order is not at the end of our queue. Given that all mail is incredibly slow around the holidays due to volume and also post office closures, unless your order is near the beginning of our queue, we cannot guarantee it'll arrive by Christmas.

Q: Can I order other items with the planner preorder?

Yes you can! Since shipping is paid once per order, your entire order cannot ship until the preorders are ready in 4-8 weeks. Thus if you have time-sensitive items in your preorder, I would consider separating your orders.

Q: Can I preorder multiple planners?

Yes! Since it is a preorder and stock is unlimited, you can preorder as many as you would like.