Custom Emotis 2020

Upcoming slots: Saturday, May 16, 9am PST

*If you already snagged a custom slot in batch #1, please do not try for a slot for batch #2. Thank you!

For inspiration, view our gallery of past customs here 

9am PST 12pm EST 11am CST 5pm GMT 

How it works:

  • Slots will pop up under the new releases section at the indicated time above
  • Each slot is a deposit fee of $16.95USD that covers a basic sitting emoti with up to 2 accessories, no coupon codes allowed, 1 per person
  • For additional customization such as pets, kids, significant other, additional accessories, and varied poses, the prices will go up. You will be further invoiced after you secure a deposit.
  • If you secure a custom slot, you will receive a PDF file download with a list of forms you can fill out, and we'll go from there. Forms must be filled out within a week from purchase, and invoices must be paid within 48 hours.
  • If you signed up for a waitlist last year, I will be reserving 50% of my capacity to you! I work in chronological order so those who signed up first will get an email from me first. You can absolutely decline if you are no longer interested!

Price list:

Initial deposit: $16.95

Type Price
Basic sitting emoti (up to 2 accessories) $16.95
Fully custom emoti (pick pose and any amount of accessories within reason) $26.95
Couples or friends (2 adult emotis side-by-side) $36.95


Type Price
Pet add-on(s) $8.95
Baby add-on(s) $5.00
Small child add-on(s) $11.25