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Helen's 23rd Birthday Bash

Thank you for stopping by! I have a lot of thoughts about my 23rd birthday which I will be writing about in a later blog post. So for now, I want to just quickly thank you again for all of your support as I find myself in my 20s. While the birthday itself doesn't mean much to me, I am incredibly excited to celebrate with this special event I have planned and I cannot wait to share all of it with you!

We are doing sneak peeks every few days in our Facebook group and on Instagram.

1. General Event Details

Start: August 6th 9:00am Pacific Time

End: August 8th 9:00am Pacific Time

Discount: 20% off using code PRIMENUMBER

Coupons must be applied at time of check-out. We will not be able to apply coupons retroactively once payment has gone through.

2. Special Collection

The theme I have chosen for this year is Master Artists--featuring four of my idols growing up. While my cartoonized versions of the works by Van Gogh, Monet, Hokusai, and Da Vinci will definitely not land myself in the Louvre Museum, I am so proud of how these pieces turned out. 

Our specialty products will be sold as a preorder hybrid. This means we will start selling the inventory we have on stock on August 6th, and if an item sells out, it will then be converted into an unlimited preorder listing. If you are unfamiliar with preorders, please see the FAQ section in section 5.

Master Artist Washi Tapes (15mm | 4.85USD each)

Master Artist Doodle Washi Stickers (3.25USD each)

Blissful Blue Fountain Pen Case (14.95USD)

Bedroom in Emoti Land Reusable Sticker Book (5.00USD)

Meeting Essentials Sticker Album (7.00USD)

The Great Wave Notepad (4.50USD)

Wax Seal Stickers (4.00USD)


3. Order Freebies

On Time Bird freebies will be given to the first 800 orders over 15USD (20CAD) starting August 6th, 9am PT

  • order tracker card
  • august order freebie
  • any other applicable spending tier freebies
20USD+ after coupons and before shipping (25CAD for Canadians)
  • august order freebie
  • 1 random vinyl
40USD+ after coupons and before shipping (50CAD for Canadians)
  • august order freebie
  • 2 random vinyls
60USD+ after coupons and before shipping (75CAD for Canadians)
  • august order freebie
  • 3 random vinyls
80USD+ after coupons and before shipping (100CAD for Canadians)
  • august order freebie
  • 4 random vinyls
  • 1 random hemp-blend compliment card
100USD+ after coupons and before shipping (125CAD for Canadians)
  • august order freebie
  • 5 vinyls
  • 2 hemp-blend compliment cards
  • 1 colouring card

    4. Other New Sticker Releases

    We have a bunch of new sticker releases as well! All sticker releases will be published early on Friday (2 days prior) so you can load your cart and preview the listings! There will be Fall & Halloween sticker restocks, as well as some new regular stickers:

    • Be Bold kit collection
    • Accomplishment emotis
    • Blood donor emotis
    • Get your ducks in a row
    • Highlight emotis
    • Lowlight emotis
    • Master artist sticky note stickers
    • Meal prep doodles
    • Pack lunch emotis 2.0
    • Salad emotis
    • Sunday scaries emotis
    • Volunteer emotis 2.0
    • Yarn doodles

    5. Frequently Asked Questions

    Preorder hybrid is a concept I came up with to ensure customers can get their hands on some of our products that sell out quickly.

    The limited ready to ship inventory we have on hand will be put up for sale on August 6th at 9am PT. As customers purchase, some things may sell out. When an item sell out, the "PREORDER" button will be enabled, and customers can then preorder the item in whatever quantity that they would like. The preorder window will be open until the sale ends on August 8th at 9am PT.

    For this reason, as long as customers show up between August 6-8th at 9am PT, they will be guaranteed what they would like!

    A note that preorders have a processing time of up to 3 months while the products are being made retroactively.

    Yes you can! However, please note that since shipping is paid once per order, your entire order will not ship until the preorder items are ready in up to 3 months. This means you will be waiting up to 3 months for your non-preorder items as well. If you are okay with this wait, then preorder and regular items can be purchased together. Otherwise, we recommend for you to place one order for preorder items and a separate order for non-preorder items.

    For any other time of the year, we are happy to combine shipments so you can save some shipping costs. Unfortunately during large sale events such as this birthday sale, we will not be able to combine orders! This is to ensure swift processing of orders.

    Order modifications and cancellations will not be issued for any sale orders. Coupon codes must also be applied prior to payment and we are unable to retroactively apply them to orders.

    The processing time for the sale on regular orders (i.e. orders that do not contain preorder products) will be an extended 1-7 weeks to account for the abnormal influx of orders.