TCMC Party & Reopening

Welcome back to the last new release of the year! The past month has been a bit chaotic here at TheCoffeeMonsterzCo but I hope to end off the year strong. Thank you endlessly for your support of my shop and I hope this event is something to look forward to for you all. This shop brings me so much fulfillment and joy so I want to bring the same to you with my art!

1. Digital Pre-Party

Date: December 15th, 9am Pacific Time

Discount: CYBERTHURSDAY for 20% off digital products* for 48 hours

*excluding gift cards

Details: We will be releasing our annual set of new digitals in the store! Typically centered around a broad theme with decorative cliparts, functional doodles, patterns, and/or inserts!

2. Shop Reopening Party

Date: December 17th, 9am Pacific Time

Discount: TCMCPARTY for 15% for 48 hours

Details: We will have lots of new releases, preorder hybrids, freebies, and our usual stock (i.e. stickers) will be put back in the store!

Preorder hybrid items are products that have a PREORDER option as backup in case the BUY NOW inventory we have on hand sells out. If you are purchasing early and get our in stock inventory, your order ships as regular. If you catch the items after they sell out and purchase the preorder version, the processing time is up to 3 months. Please only preorder if you are willing to wait potentially up to 3 months!
  • The Four Biomes 18mm Washi Tape (5.25USD) ... limit 2 per customer for the BUY NOW stock
  • The Four Biomes Sticky Notes (3.15USD) ... limit 2 per customer for the BUY NOW stock
  • The Four Biomes Washi Stickers (3.25USD) ... limit 2 per customer for the BUY NOW stock
  • Mermaid Tea Animal Onesie Pencil Pouch (9.95USD) ... limit 1 per customer for the BUY NOW stock
Other specialty items
  • The Four Biomes Vinyl Stickers (1.85USD)
  • 2023 Emoti Vinyl Stickers (1.85-1.95USD)
  • This Planner Belongs To Vinyl Stickers (2.15USD)
  • Planner Supplies Vellum (3.00USD) ... limit 1 per customer
  • Emoti Doodles Vellum (3.00USD) ... limit 1 per customer
  • Cozy Cafe Sticker Seals (2.15USD) ... limit 1 per customer
  • CoffeeTime Sticker Seals (2.15USD) ... limit 1 per customer
  • Tea Time Sticker Seals (2.15USD) ... limit 1 per customer
  • Pen & Pencil Sticker Seals (2.35USD) ... limit 1 per customer
  • Self Care Sticker Seals (2.15USD) ... limit 1 per customer
  • Seasonal Sticker Seals (2.15USD) ... limit 1 per customer (per design)
Sticker releases
  • Midnights kit collection
  • Lunar New Year kit collection (revamp)
  • 2023 holiday emotis (134 holidays total)
  • Rating tracker emotis
  • Note page swatches

3. Freebies

[to be revealed in a few days]

4. Shop Holiday & Subscription Announcement

Wait... your shop is closed now... you are reopening... and closing again?!

I know! It's a bit confusing. Our current "break" is not actually a break for us. We just stopped taking in new orders, but our team is working harder than ever packaging outstanding orders so there very much has not been a break on our end. In order to have a fresh start in 2023, we will be closing the store again on December 23rd, 9am Pacific Time. This is so that we can work on this batch of reopening orders, preorders, and also give our employees a holiday afterwards for Christmas and New Years.

However, this is not an entirely sad day. Because on December 23rd, I will be announcing our first ever subscriptionThe sign-up won't be on the 23rd, just the announcement.
I understand especially for new customers that it seems like we're always closing and reopening, but this is the only time we typically close for during the year so this truly is a weird time for us. I once again have really learned my lesson not to cram too many things together, and will be improving our timing for 2023!