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TheCoffeeMonsterzCo 6 Year Anniversary Event

Every year on March 5th, I am forced to stop working, stop studying, stop doing whatever else I do, and sit in front of my computer to write a passage like this one. It's a rare instance that I relish as I get to just stop and reflect on my life. I often try to think about what my life would be like without TheCoffeeMonsterzCo (TCMC) and apart from a few obvious differences, I fail to imagine this hypothetical life. That is because TCMC quite literally defines who I am. Having established this business in my early highschool years--hence why we have a questionably long and strange name--I learned how to connect with people, how to resolve conflicts, how to practice self discipline, how to take risks, the importance of compassion, gratitude, humility, and so on, through growing TCMC. And so, not only do I thank you for supporting my business and art career, I thank you for inadvertently teaching me the qualities that are so important for a young person to instill. I am grateful each day to wake up excited for work, and I am looking forward to creating for you in the years to come.

1. General Event Details

Preview Products: click here

Start Date: March 19th 9:00am Pacific Time

End Date: March 20th 11:59pm Pacific Time

Discount: 15% off using code 3PLUS3

2. Anniversary Bundle Details

Every year, we put together a bundle of specialty stationery items. This year's theme is Find Magic In The Ordinary! To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to purchase these specialty items, we will be offering both ready-to-ship stock and preorders of each individual piece as well. This means, if any of the ready-to-ship stock we have on hand sells out, you can preorder them! Note that the preorder processing time is 1.5 to 3 months as a preorder means you are purchasing something that has not been made yet. The bundle will be discounted, but each item will also be sold a la carte.

Anniversary Bundle Price: 52USD (retail value: 63.90USD)

Preview Images:

Magic Forest Washi Tape (15mm | Icy Blue Foil) 4.55USD

Potion Blue Emoti Head Washi Tape (10mm ) 3.65USD

Fairy Emoti Vellum | Ice Blue Foil 3.15USD

Magic Forest Weekly Notepad (5" X 7" 50 Sheets) 7.75USD

Emoti Metal Bookmark Trio Pack (5cm tall) 12.50USD

Stationery Love Plastic File Folder (5.5" x 8") 9.95USD

Fairy Emoti Lobster Clasp Charm (silver) 5.85USD

Stationery Doodles Washi Card (Double-Sided) 2.00USD

6 Year Anniversary Sampler & Magic Forest Doodles 6.00USD

2-Page Kit Of Your Choosing 8.50USD



3. Freebie Details

All orders will automatically receive our March 2022 sticker freebie. For any freebies that are indicated as random, we will not be able to accomodate any requests. Notes or emails requesting for specific designs will not be referred to when packaging the orders.

Early Bird Freebies
First 175 orders over 15USD after coupons and before shipping will receive these adorable planner tabs! The colours are perfect to match our magic forest theme and as a bonus, we included some additional doodle tabs. Printed on our weatherproof sticker paper for durability.


Spending Tier Freebies

We're excited to introduce a "new" item to our shop soon! Bur first, let's do a test run. These washi stickers are printed and cut on a thin washi-like paper that is semi-transparent. Of course nothing will beat true washi tapes, but these are fun to have especially for on the go planning!


Orders 15 USD+ after coupons and before shipping will receive:

  • 1 random vinyl sticker

Orders 30USD+ after coupons and before shipping will receive:

  • 2 random vinyl stickers

Orders 55USD+ after coupons and before shipping will receive:

  • 2 random vinyl stickers
  • 1 random washi sticker sheet

Orders 75USD+ after coupons and before shipping will receive:

  • 4 random vinyl stickers
  • 1 random washi sticker sheet

Orders 100USD+ after coupons and before shipping will receive:

  • All 6 vinyl stickers
  • All 3 washi sticker sheets

4. Other New Sticker Releases

  • Spring outfits emotis
  • Spring critters working emotis
  • Spring allergies emotis
  • Spring mug doodles
  • Spring TV emotis
  • Spring planning time emotis
  • Spring emotis (revamp)
  • Spring cleaning (revamp)
  • Ikea emotis (revamp)
  • Party time emotis (revamp)
  • Rainy day emotis (revamp)
  • Button icon doodles (revamp + new options)
  • Happy mail emoti labels
  • Existential crisis emotis
  • Kitchen scenery emotis
  • Reading bucket list emotis (may need to retitle this later...)
  • Doodle headers
  • Magic forest kit collection
  • Magic forest large doodles
  • 6 year anniversary sampler
  • Tater Tots: Bri full sheet
  • Tater Tots: Maddie full sheet
  • Maybe more if Helen has the willpower...

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Preorder hybrid is a concept I came up with to ensure customers can get their hands on some of our products that sell out quickly.

The limited ready to ship inventory we have on hand will be put up for sale on August 6th at 9am PT. As customers purchase, some things may sell out. When an item sell out, the "PREORDER" button will be enabled, and customers can then preorder the item in whatever quantity that they would like. The preorder window will be open until the sale ends on August 8th at 9am PT.

For this reason, as long as customers show up between August 6-8th at 9am PT, they will be guaranteed what they would like!

A note that preorders have a processing time of up to 3 months while the products are being made retroactively.

Yes you can! However, please note that since shipping is paid once per order, your entire order will not ship until the preorder items are ready in up to 3 months. This means you will be waiting up to 3 months for your non-preorder items as well. If you are okay with this wait, then preorder and regular items can be purchased together. Otherwise, we recommend for you to place one order for preorder items and a separate order for non-preorder items.

For any other time of the year, we are happy to combine shipments so you can save some shipping costs. Unfortunately during large sale events such as this birthday sale, we will not be able to combine orders! This is to ensure swift processing of orders.

Order modifications and cancellations will not be issued for any sale orders. Coupon codes must also be applied prior to payment and we are unable to retroactively apply them to orders.

The processing time for the sale on regular orders (i.e. orders that do not contain preorder products) will be an extended 1-7 weeks to account for the abnormal influx of orders.