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Frequently Asked Questions

What are beans? What is a bean card?

Our coffee bean rewards program is something I came up with since we launched our shop! On the top of most sticker sheets, there is a coffee bean sticker that you can peel up. Each order placed comes with a free journaling card that also doubles as a rewards card. Simply stick the coffee beans onto the shaded area indicated on the journaling card (aka bean card) and fill it up as you go! When you accumulate 21 beans to fill up a card, you can later redeem them for special freebies that are exclusive to the rewards program/ 

How do I redeem a bean card?

♥ Fill up the shaded areas of your bean card until fully complete (21 beans are required for completion)

♥ Date the bean card in the space given when complete.

♥ Place an order and in the "notes to seller" box, be sure to let us know that you have a bean card to redeem.

♥ Snap a picture and send it to with your order number ASAP

*note* Pictures must be sent ASAP! If by the time we process your order and we cannot find a picture on file, we unfortunately will not be able to include the sampler with your order. 

Can I redeem multiple cards at once?

You sure can! In fact, that is probably better for you as we often have 4 variations of the exclusive free sampler. If you redeem for example 4 cards at once, we can make sure you receive all 4 freebie variations. If you redeem cards one at a time, we cannot guarantee that you will not receive duplicates as freebies are packed at random.

I ordered more than 21 sheets! Where can I get extra bean cards?

We have a free printable for extra bean cards! feel free to print as many cards as you need :) You can also purchase our previous bean card designs if you wish! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Should I order on Etsy or your website?

Both platforms are awesome and I'm sure you will have a great experience shopping on either sites! However, there are some key differences which may help you decide:


♥ All items are cheaper on the website as we are charged with less seller fees.

♥ We have a "Potato Points" rewards system which rewards you for every dollar spent. The accumulated points can later be redeemed for shop credit! Make sure to log-in to your account to start collecting points.

♥ Special events such as washi preorders, overstocks, bundles, etc. are mostly held on our website.


♥ Your purchases from all different stores will be saved on one platform.

    Where can I track my order?

    Tracking is not provided with standard shipping. Tracking can be purchased at checkout or, you can inquire through email for a price quote.

    For purchased tracking, the number is given on your order status page.

    How long will it take for you to ship my order?

    Processing times on a normal day is 1-10 business days (excludes weekends and holidays) and we actually tend to be towards the earlier of that estimate! However, when we have bigger new release days and especially sales, processing time will be extended typically by several weeks. I recommend for you to refer to the top left corner of the website to see the most current processing time. We package orders strictly based on chronological order!

    When will I receive my order?

    After we ship your order, the transit time is purely based on the post office's process as well as which shipping method you chose. 

    Untracked Shipping ESTIMATES:

    • Canada: 1-14 business days 
    • USA: 8-20 business days
    • International: 4-30 business days

    Business days does not include weekends or statuary holidays. These are also estimated transit times based on my past experience with shipping to these regions, but they are also not guarantees. Choosing tracking changes the transit time as well!

    Can you do a custom order?

    Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, as a full-time student, I am always swamped with my school work and existing shop duties. If you have a design request, I would be happy to hear your ideas and add them to my request list for future reference! My goal is designing the stickers that you need to make your planning life easier, so requests are always always always welcome ^__^

    Do you have active coupon codes?

    Yes! The all-year code is POTATOPACK for 10% of $10 USD

    We host sales and events a select few times a year to celebrate milestones and holidays. I would definitely recommend joining our Facebook group and following us on Instagram as we promote the sales on those two platforms several days beforehand!

    Can I cancel/modify my order?

    Packing slips and packaging are printed as orders come in so unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders.

    If an inputted address is incorrect, email us ASAP with your order number and corrected address at

    I CANNOT guarantee that we will be able to fix the address in time so please double check before checking out. 



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