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frequently asked questions

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what are bean cards?

on top of every sticker sheet, you will find a bean that is cut out. peel each one off and stick it onto the card provided with your order to redeem a free sampler on your next purchase! 

how do I redeem a bean card?

1) place an order and in the notes section right before you checkout, let me know that you're sending me an email ( with the photo(s). if you purchased on etsy, please contact me there for a smoother process!
2) send me an email/message me with the bean photos. must have the date of completion written with ink on the card

I forgot to leave a note in my order for my bean card! can I still redeem it?

sure! just pop me an email/etsy message with the bean card photo + date. However there is no guarantee I'll see the message in time. In that case, please repeat the process for your next purchase!

I ordered more than 21 sheets! where can I get extra bean cards?

here is a free printable for extra bean cards! feel free to print as many cards as you need :)

do taters on the potato sheets count as beans?

yes they do!

what is so special about sweet saturdays?

every saturday, I do a set of new releases at 12pm PST. (you can find the countdown on our homepage) 1-4 items will be marked down to $2 USD for a short time period! 

why are sweet saturday deals not on etsy?

I release everything on etsy and shopify. However only shopify items are marked down to encourage customers to shop on our website! (read below as to why our website is more beneficial) 

should I order on etsy or your website?

for your convenience, as long as you are happy with your shopping experience, I am okay with whichever platform you decide to shop on! I do encourage customers to shop on our website because:

  • easy navigation
  • accurate shipping prices
  • listings are $0.05 cheaper for quarter sheets and up to a dollar cheaper for kits
  • you earn reward points = $ back
  • as a seller, we are not charged as much on shopify

where can I track my order?

if you PURCHASED the tracking upgrade at checkout, you can click on your account and the order that you want to track!

can I buy your products at wholesale prices?

yes! please email me at to check with my availability. these ESTIMATE prices can increase/decrease depending on the situation. 

20 - 50 sheets ... $2.55 / sheet

51 - 150 sheets ... $2.05 / sheet

151 - 350 sheets ... $1.75 / sheet

*clarification* the sheets cannot be mix and matched. the prices are for the same sheets.

what are your processing times?

on a regular day, our processing times are 1-7 business days. (sometimes even same day woohoo!) When there is a big promotion such as black friday, my birthday, etc. processing times will be extended to 2-4 weeks. If you would like an update on your order, please do not hesitate to contact us!

when should I expect my order to arrive?

From my experience:

CANADA ... 2-5 business days

U.S.A ... 7-14 business days

INTERNATIONAL ... 10-30 business days

*please keep in mind that post offices are not in service on national holidays. orders placed around November and December will also be delayed due to the Christmas shopping season.

my order is missing! what can I do?

please contact me after 30 business days (from the shipment date) with your order number and full name. 

my order is missing something/ I received the wrong item!

I am so sorry if this happens! Please message me with:

- order number

- full name

- description of the problem

- photo proof

a product is defective! what can I do?

we do routine checks every 25 sheets or so but certain things do slip through that is outside of our control. we are very sorry if this occurs.Please message me with:

- order number

- full name

- description of the problem

- photo proof

*note: if the sticker is offcut by a little, we do not consider that defective! silhouette machines cannot cut 100% accurately and this is outside of our control

where can I get free printables?

once in awhile, I create free printables for you all as a thank you :)

do you have active coupon codes?


yes! the universal one is POTATOPACK for 10% of $10 USD

there will be separate coupon codes for sales so definitely follow my social media for real time updates!

what is the status of my order? when are you going to ship my order?

our NORMAL processing time is 1-5 business days so if you do not receive a shipping notification, please follow these steps:

1) do a search in your spam, junk, and regular inbox for keywords such as "thecoffeemonsterzco" or "ship"

2) login to your account and check the status. fulfilled means it is already on your way to your home and unfulfilled means it is still being processed

3) if it has been 5 BUSINESS days, shoot me an email and ask for the status! 

please keep in mind that if there is a sale going on, processing times will extend to 14-21 business days.


what if I need my order reshipped?

if a package gets returned to me or, I have to create a new order, the reshipment fee must be covered by the buyer unless we made a mistake with your order.


do you take custom orders?

the only custom orders that I take are what I call "change" customs. basically, if you like 1 specific emoti design on a sheet and you want a full sheet of only that emoti, you can shoot me an email at and I'll let you know if I'm available! keep in mind my schedule can change within hours so I cannot give definite "I am open to take 20 slots at _____". If I reject your custom, I may ask you to email me again at another time where I estimate to have more free time for customs. 

as for the rates:

custom change fee: $3 

minimum purchase amount: 4 sheets of the custom







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