Heart Emoti Vinyls
Heart Emoti Vinyls

Heart Emoti Vinyls

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♥ Vinyl decals are perfect for sticking onto planner dashboards, notebooks, mugs, and other appliances.

♥ Instructions for application ♥ 

  1. If needed, wipe down surface to get rid of lint, dust or grease
  2. Use a credit card, hard ruler or your fingers to firmly rub the top of the vinyl before use. This helps with the transfer process.
  3. Peel back the top clear layer of transfer paper. The vinyl should adhere to the sticky plastic coating.
  4. Once your vinyl is on the transfer paper, lay it over your desired surface and firmly press down once again. Make sure to run your fingers all over the actual vinyl part! 
  5. Peel back the plastic transfer paper to reveal your happy little emoti~

Note: Depending on the vinyl material you are working with, some small details such as the eyes and mouth may be more stubborn to peel off at first. This is because their small surface area does not allow much for the transfer paper to grab onto. What I recommend for you to do is flip the vinyl so that the plastic is on the bottom and the backing is on the top, and peel back the backing paper instead--bending it slightly and letting gravity do it's thing. Generally, it's not a problem but hope this tip helps!

♥ Sizing: The vinyl measures approximately 1.9" X 1.5"

♥ Shipping: Unless otherwise advertised, items will ship within 1-5 business days. Sales will have an extended processing time of 2-4 weeks.

♥ Any props shown in the listing photo (washi, pens, clips, etc.) is not included unless otherwise stated. 

♥ Thank you for shopping at TheCoffeeMonsterzCO! Your support means the world to me :)

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♥ Processing time: In general, our processing times are 1-10 business days which excludes weekends and holidays. However, this estimate is extended for new releases and sales so please take note of the posted processing time on the announcement bar! That estimate overrides this estimate.

♥ Packaging: Orders are carefully packaged in a cello bag to keep out moisture and protect your goodies from weather. A journaling card will be included for further stability (+1pt for cuteness) and every physical will receive a free sticker sampler by default. Letter mail orders are put in a envelope, whereas bulky tracked packages are sent in a bubble mailer.

♥ Shipping method: By default, orders are shipped by an affordable untracked, letter mail service. If you would like the safety of tracked mail, please select the upgrade at checkout or feel free to email thecoffeemonsterzco@gmail.com for inquiries.

♥ Transit times: Transit times depend on numerous variables such as your location, the season and the shipping method. Especially with COVID-19 related delays, the range is even more unpredictable, however I can give the following rough estimates for your reference from my personal experience within the past few months:

  • Domestic Canadian Orders ... 1-14 business days
  • Untracked U.S. Orders ... 8-25 business days
  • Tracked U.S. Orders ... 4-12 business days
  • International Orders ... 1-8 weeks (heavily depends on your country)

♥ General notes: Your product will not have a watermark. Any props used in the listing photos are not included in the purchase unless otherwise specified.

♥ Stickers: Our stickers are printed on a non-removable matte sticker paper using a high-quality inkjet printer. Each listing comes with one sheet as shown, unless otherwise advertised (e.g. sticker kits, bundles)

♥ Sizing: Our emoti and doodle stickers can fit any planner! For vertical kits where the sizing is more specific, note that our labels and boxes go by the standard 1.5" in width.

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