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Misfit - Emoti Sticky Note Tabs (Never Released Before! No limits)

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♥ Note that these are labelled as misfit quality. This was our first version of the tabbed sticky notes that never got released, as I was not happy with the quality. There were still interest from you all so these are heavily discounted! Issues include miscuts in the outline, and lack of stickiness in the tabs.

♥ Ideas for using them: Because this is not as sticky as it should be, you may have trouble using it like normal sticky notes (still possible!). Some ideas would be to apply your own adhesive on the back and use it like a sticker. You can laminate each flag to create mini bookmark tabs, or decorate your planner pockets! I don't doubt you all will come up with many other creative ideas hehe.

♥ Quantity: 6 designs, 20 pages per design, 120 pages total

♥ Material: Sticky Notes

♥ Shipping: Unless otherwise advertised, items will ship within 1-5 business days. Sales will have an extended processing time of 2-4 weeks.

♥ Any props shown in the listing photo (washi, pens, clips, etc.) is not included unless otherwise stated. 

♥ Thank you for shopping at TheCoffeeMonsterzCO! Your support means the world to me :)

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