Snail Mail Stationery Subscription (MUST BE PURCHASED ALONE)

Subscriptions MUST be purchased by itself with no other items in cart.

Current Enrolment: First shipment of November Snail Mail

Enrolment closes in...

This Snail Mail subscription ($13.50 + shipping) is aimed at providing you with an affordable, once in a while package of stickers for your planners and journals. Billed and delivered quarterly, we hope to not overwhelm you with too many things to find a use for, but rather provide quality items that that can be appreciated before the next round of emoti mail arrives! Snail Mail subscriptions come with 4-5 sheets of stickers of varying finishes and types such as (but not limited to):

  • Decorative doodles
  • Functional doodles
  • Handwriting stickers
  • Different finishes (e.g. matte, transparent, overlays, clear, etc.)

Please read the FAQ section below!

  • Enroll from Jan 16th ~ Apr 15th to start the May Snail Mail (and subsequent Snail Mails until you cancel)
  • Enroll from Apr 16th ~ Jul 15th to start the August Snail Mail (and subsequent Snail Mails until you cancel)
  • Enrol from Jul 16th ~ Oct 15th to start the November Snail Mail (and subsequent Snail Mails until you cancel)

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Snail Parcel

January, April, July, October

5-7 specialty stationery items that may include washi tapes, stickers, sticky notes, charms, pouches, and more!

Snail Mail

February, May, August, November

4-5 sticker sheets or paper items that may include decorative stickers, functional stickers, different materials/finishes/foils, and vinyls. None of the stickers will be specific to any planner!

Pen Pals

March, June, September, December

Combined package of everything included in the Snail Parcel and Snail Mail subscriptions of the previous two months, at a discount.

Example: The March Pen Pals will receive the January Snail Parcel and the February Snail Mail items.

  • From the 1st-15th of the beginning of the quarter, enrollment will open for the current quarter's subscriptions. If your sign-up is after the cutoff date of the 15th, you will be enrolled for the next quarter.
  • If all of our slots are completely full, the 1st-15th every quarter (15th or until the slots fill, whichever comes first) will be the only chance to sign-up before the next quarter.
  • If our slots do not get filled, enrollment stays open but please keep in mind the cut-off date of the 15th.
  • Starting on the 18th of the month, subscriptions will ship. Subscriptions will ship based on the order of sign-ups.

Note: Regardless of when you sign-up, the shipping schedule will be:

  • January ... Snail Parcel
  • February ... Snail Mail
  • March ... Pen Pals
  • April ... Snail Parcel
  • May ... Snail Mail
  • June ... Pen Pals
  • July ... Snail Parcel
  • August... Snail Mail
  • September ... Pen Pals
  • October ... Snail Parcel
  • November ... Snail Mail
  • December ... Pen Pals

That means if you enroll in a Pen Pal subscription in January, the shipping will be in March as that is the assigned month for Pen Pals.

For the first quarter (January, February, March) we will be enforcing a limit of 1 theme per person. What does this mean?

Scenario 1: You can subscribe to one Snail Mail subscription, and one Snail Parcel subscription. But you cannot subscribe to the Pen Pal subscription.

Scenario 2: You can subscribe to the Pen Pal subscription but you cannot subscribe to the Snail Mail and Snail Parcel subscription.

After this first quarter and we get a better idea of the quantities, we will be lifting this limit and you may subscribe to as many subscriptions as you would like. However, multiple subscriptions must be separate orders. That is, shipping is paid for each subscription.

Unfortunately not! Subscriptions will be all packaged the same, and we will not be able to include other items. Please ensure you are checking out with only one subscription.

Yes you can, directly from your subscription portal.

Yes you can! To cancel your subscription, please email before 11:59pm PT on 18th of the month of your subscription.

Example: You are a Pen Pal subscriber and you would like to cancel your June subscription. You would have to email us before June 18th, 11:59pm PT to cancel.

Snail Mail

  • Canada ... $2.00
  • USA ... $2.85
  • International ... $3.85

Snail Parcel

  • Canada ... $12.00
  • USA ... $8.00
  • International ... $14.50*

Pen Pals

  • Canada ... $12.95
  • USA ... $8.95
  • International ... $16.00*

*Some international zones may have slightly higher costs for tracked shipping due to limited service

Good news! Subscription extras will be listed in the shop after each quarter! We don't have it currently set up yet since the subscription has not started, but there will be a section on the website to purchase individual pieces.


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