TCMC is not only about supplying cute planner supplies and stationery! Whenever and wherever we can, we try to make a positive impact globally.

Below are some (not all) of the fundraisers we have done in the past. Note that we also donate without hosting fundraisers so those receipts are posted separately (i.e. not directly fundraised by customers in exchange for a product so there isn't a listing associated with them). Collectively, we have raised over $24,000 in donations over the years and I'm incredible proud to be a part of this loving community. Let's keep the momentum going!

Pride 2020 FUNDRAISER E674, E675, E676 - TheCoffeeMonsterzCo
Tater Tots Stickers - TheCoffeeMonsterzCo
Essential Workers Emotis - DIGITAL FILES - TheCoffeeMonsterzCo
Sold Out
Autism Emotis (REFORMAT) - TheCoffeeMonsterzCo