Bean Cards Program

The Story

Our bean cards program was launched with the inception of TheCoffeeMonsterzCo. Actually, I had this idea before the first sticker sheet was even designed! I thought it would be just a fun way to launch my business, but it quickly became a fun activity for everyone and I am so glad we have kept this program running. The card itself has gone through many iterations so for a trip down memory lane, here are some pictures of what our cards used to look like!
May 2016

How To Collect Beans

With all physical orders, you are gifted an art journaling card that also has the collection card on the back. The design will vary, but you should always have some shaded areas as a guide for where to put your beans.
On most sticker sheets in our shop, there is a small cut-out coffee bean sticker next to our shop name. Peel-up the sticker and stick it onto the shaded areas of your bean card.
Once you have all 21 shaded areas filled (i.e. you need to have purchased 21 sticker sheets), you are ready to redeem the card with your next purchase!

How To Redeem Bean Cards

STEP 1: When you are ready to place an order, write a quick note in the special instructions for seller box as shown below. Something along the lines of "I have two bean cards to redeem" would be perfect!
STEP 2: Place your order and take note of your order number.
STEP 3: On your card, there is an area where you can record the date. This is the ensure that already redeemed cards do not get mixed with future cards.
STEP 4: Email as soon as possible with the following:
  • Your order number
  • Image(s) of your completed card(s)

STEP 5: Wait for an email confirmation from customer service after we review your cards. After that, you just need to get excited for your order to come!

Tips & Tricks

How many cards should I redeem? You can redeem as many or as little as you like! However, most of our customers prefer to have 4 completed cards and redeem all 4 at once. This is because we have 4 variations of the sticker samplers, and therefore this ensures you get all 4. Redeeming cards separately runs the risk of receiving a duplicate sampler.

What if I need more cards? Since cards are given one per order, you may run into situations where you order more sticker sheets than the space provides! Not a worry, there are two options. First, we sell previous card designs on our website as many customers like them for the artwork. Second, we have a free printable of the collection cards so you can print-out the sheet and fill it on this page!

How often do you change card designs? Unfortunately there is no definite answer. We use a card design until we run out, and this depends on how many orders we receive in a given amount of time. Typically, it changes every 1.5 months but again, this varies.

How often do you change the redeemable freebies? Freebie samplers are changed once or twice a year! We do not change them frequently for the reason that we want to ensure most customers get the chance to collect all 4 designs. We understand that it's not financially feasible for everyone to collect all samplers quickly, so we use the same set for several months.

The Current Redeemable Samplers