Time Zones

Please email thecoffeemonsterzco@gmail.com if you want your time zone to be added! If you notice any errors, please let me know as well so I can correct it asap!

New Releases: 12pm PT (usually)

Common Zones Time Equivalent 
Australia (Adelaide) 4:30AM (next day)
Australia (Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane / Kingston) 5:00AM (next day)
Australia (Perth) 3:00AM (next day)
Central Time 2:00PM
Eastern Time 3:00PM 
Finland 10:00PM
India 12:30AM (next day)
Italy / Sweden / Spain 9:00PM
Japan 4:00AM (next day) 
Mountain Time 1:00PM
New Zealand 7:00AM (next day)
Philippines / Singapore / Malaysia / Brunei 3:00AM (next day)
Thailand 2:00AM (next day)
United Kingdom 8:00PM
Hawaii, USA 9:00AM