How it all started

Thank you for stopping by! I'm Helen--a university student by day and a creative workaholic by night. I started TheCoffeeMonsterzCO as a 15-year-old high school student who wanted nothing more than to bring joy to others through my artwork.

TheCoffeeMonsterzCO was not intended to be a business, but rather a place for me to share my bullet journal spreads and doodles. I quickly became overwhelmed with the influx of requests for doodling and handwriting tutorials, so I spent my winter break of 10th grade compiling an ebook with over 300 doodles and my tips & tricks. I called it My Little Doodle Book, and it's actually still available for sale today! Using the funds I saved from selling this ebook, I was able to launch my online stationery store.


fast forward a bit

In 2018, I graduated from high school and made quite a spontaneous decision to move across Canada, from BC to ON, for univeristy. I am currently going into my fourth and final year at the University of Toronto!

It has certainly been a challenge finding my footing in a new city, balancing school and work, all while trying to maintain some level of sanity. Admittedly, these life changes were difficult for me (despite them being pretty universal experiences) but the one thing that stayed constant was your  support. Wherever I went, you were there with me cheering me on through comments and messages. I have built so many incredible relationships with people from countries I dream of visiting and people who live just down the street in my hometown. I appreciate each and every one of you, and I give you my sincere promise that I will continue trying my best at everything I do.

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fun facts

I'm honestly pretty mundane... but here are the best fun facts I could come up with!

fun fact #1

I saved up $90 to purchase a Wacom drawing tablet when I was 12, and it is the same Wacom tablet I use now to do all of my design work! I do not look forward to the day I have to replace it :(

fun fact #2

I was a crafty kid so I built the shelves for our inventory. Since then, I have rebuilt the shelves but I still kept my first shelf...despite it being completely asymmetrical and near total collapse.

fun fact #3

My hobby is collecting hobbies; I like jumping from activity to activity and trying new things! Consequently, I'm average at a lot of different things and haven't mastered anything particular...

fun fact #4

I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan. If you are only familiar with her mainstream hits, I encourage you to listen to her albumns in full and realize the lyrical genius that she is! Current favourite: Exile (ft. Bon Iver)

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