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about me

helen | 16 years old | potato

I'm probably the weirdest person you'll ever meet <3 I love painting, stickers, and just about anything to do with creativity and food (#letsberealhere). I'm also a full time high-school student, shop owner, youtuber, blogger, and everything else in between. 


Hi there! I would like to reintroduce myself since I wrote my previous "about me" a year ago (most likely high on coffee) and I think I can bring more to the table. I came from a family where we had enough money to live, but buying something luxurious was out of the question. When I discovered the planning community, I have to admit I was shocked by how much money it cost to keep up with a planner. That's when I discovered bullet journalling. I used dollarstore grid paper, sharpie, and avery labels to plan out my day. As I was gaining more recognition in the "bullet journal junkies" facebook group, I decided to make an instagram account. After building myself a platform of kind, supportive, and motivational people, I finally decided to launch an etsy sticker shop. My goal for the shop was to bring a touch of uniqueness to the planning community. I saw  that a lot of people had the same clipart and although going down the clipart path would cut down my workload by hours at a time, I felt like I could contribute so much more! Being this young in the planner community definitely comes with its challenges. On a daily basis, I have to balance getting orders out in a timely manner, finishing all school work, prepping for exams, designing new releases, answering emails, film/edit/upload youtube videos, and of course my daily posts on Instagram. This leaves little or no time for myself however, am truly grateful for this experience. I work on my thecoffeemonsterzco 17 hours a day and it doesn't feel like work at all and that is what my dream job should feel like. I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me and watching me grow up. I hope that I can virtually give you a hug and I love you all! 

- Helen the potato queen

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