Helen's 21st Birthday Sale

Time just flies! The first birthday you all celebrated with me was when I turned 16. Each year, the sale events keep getting bigger and bigger! I'm incredibly excited to share with you all of the specialty products--some are old favourites, some are brand new.

Please feel free to join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with sneak peeks~

1. General Event Details

Start Date: Friday, August 20th, 9am PT

End Date: Saturday, August 21st, noon PT (27 hours total)

Discount: Use code NOWRINKLES for 20% off everything in the shop

Freebies & New Releases: See below for details.

2. Specialty Releases

Theme: A Gloomy Week

We have specialty items lined up for the sale! I will be sneaking the products one at a time every few days leading up to August 20th.

Working Emotis 15mm | Black Foil

Vertical Emoti Heads 7mm

Vellum Sticky Notes | Silver Foil

Silver Metal Emoti Ruler

Once Upon A Time Magentic Pin

Emoti Acrylic Washi Stand

A Gloomy Week Kit

Pulled from this release due to shipment delays. Will be released at a later date at a discount. So sorry for the inconvenience :'(

Mini Sticker Sheets Pack

  • Stock level: I am confident that we are beyond well-stocked. I looked at last year's preorder bundle numbers, and have on hand more a la carte than that. In addition, there will be purchase limits per customer; I think some items may not even sell out during the first day. However, if I am wrong about that, I am 100% open to hosting preorders of the items this autumn and winter.
  • Release times: Since this won't be a preorder, I will reserve a portion of the stock to be released at 5pm PT, so that international customers can purchase at ease. This might not even be necessary with our higher stock levels, but I will reserve a portion anyways.

    3. Freebie Details

    For randomly chosen vinyls, we will not be taking any requests for design preferences. They will be given purely at random.

    • First 150 orders over 15USD after coupons and before shipping (starting at 9am PT) will receive
      • 4" X 6" emoti art print
      • Pearl white foiled emoti headers
    • All orders over 15USD after coupons and before shipping will receive
      • 1 emoti vinyl chosen at random
    • All orders over 30USD after coupons and before shipping will receive
      • 2 emoti vinyls chosen at random
    • All orders over 55USD after coupons and before shipping will receive
      • 2 emoti vinyls chosen at random
      • Countdown sticker sampler
    • All orders over 75USD after coupons and before shipping will receive
      • 3 emoti vinyls chosen at random
      • Countdown sticker sampler
    • All orders over 100USD after coupons and before shipping will receive
      • 6 emoti vinyls chosen at random (all possible designs)
      • Countdown sticker sampler

    4. New Releases

    Specialty Releases

    • Working Emotis Washi ... 4.55USD (max 2 per person)
    • Vertical Emoti Heads ... 3.85USD (max 2 per person)
    • Vellum Sticky Notes ... 4.05USD (max 2 per person)
    • Silver Metal Ruler ... 6.95USD (max 1 per person)
    • Once Upon A Time Magnetic Pin ... 8.55USD (max 1 per person)
    • Emoti Acrylic Washi Stand ... 10.00USD (max 1 per person)
    • Stationery Pouch ... 13.75USD (max 1 per person)
    • Mini Sticker Sheet Pack ... 5.85USD (max 1 pack per person)
    • A Gloomy Week Sticker Kit
      • Standard Vertical
      • Hobonichi Cousin
      • Hobonichi Weeks

    New Sticker Releases

    Halloween Releases ( + restock)

    Autumn Releases ( + restock)

    5. Shipping Costs & UK/EU Customers

    Note that the below are estimates.

    UK/EU customers can order directly from our website as usual. However, if your parcel requires tracked shipping, you will receive a VAT invoice from us retroactively as a % of your order total. Please review the guidelines and VAT rates here. If your order does not require tracked shipping, there won't be further invoices needed (this will all be indicated when you select your shipping method at check-out)

    Location Stickers Specialty Items: paper goods like washi and sticky notes Specialty Items: non-paper goods like acrylic washi stands and pins 
    Canada Starts at $2.80 $5.20 (within limits of package thickness) Starts at $12.15-$13.45 depending on province for tracking
    USA Starts at $3.40  Starts at $7.95 for tracking Starts at $7.95 for tracking
    UK Starts at $4.30 Starts
    Hong Kong
    EU Zone 1 Starts
    EU Zone 2


    6. Wrap-Up 

    • There will be a free journaling card given out with all birthday sale orders and it is exclusive to this event. I do apologize as I accidentally had the backing of the card printed upside down (sigh...)
    • No cancelling of orders
    • No combining of multiple orders
    • Processing time of sale orders is 1-7 weeks depending on how quickly you order. We hope to finish orders before the later end of the range!

    Ahhh I know that was a lot to take in! I hope this page helps you prepare for the moooost exciting sale of the year ^_^ Thank you always for all of your support with my business. As I continue to grow-up and mature, I hope to continously improve TCMC with you! Love you lots and let me know if you have any questions!