Welcome to the TCMC washi gallery! Here you will find all of the washi tapes we have released organized chronologically. We do not often re-release previous designs, however we sometimes revamp them with new colours or updated artwork.

Magic Forest

15mm | ice blue foil

Do you dare to walk through the Magic Forest? Careful... you might encounter some emotis that will overpower you with cuteness! As part of our Find Magic In The Ordinary theme for our 6 year anniversary event! Quite literally a magical roll with icy blue foil detailing.

Potion Blue emoti heads


Another installment of our emoti head washi series! This time, a gorgeous teal colour to match our 6 year anniversary theme.

Classic emotis

15mm | Silver foil

Probably our most simple design, but I think it's the most versatile! This washi tape sparked a lot of creativity in our Facebook group when members started doodling little outfits, colouring in the background, and turning the emotis into characters just with some markers!

princess party 2.0

15mm | crystal pink foil

This was a highly requested washi tape to bring back. We updated the princess art and added a few additions. Can you spot them? Gorgeous pink foil on a cotton candy background.


15mm | silver foil

A great way to remind yourself each day how awesome you are! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. This washi is a pale yellow with little white spots and foiled doodles.

cafe time

15mm | light gold foil

An adorable washi to mark people watching at a cafe, getting work done, or meeting-up with freinds! The colour of this washi reminds me of a milky cup of coffee~

Bills & Budgeting

15mm | light gold foil

Bills and budgeting aren't really fun things to deal with.... but these emotis look like they're having a blast! Fun fact: this is our first truly green washi tape!

the four seasons

18mm | silver foil

Inspired by the brilliant Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, this gorgeous continuous scenery washi features the beauties of each season.

Fitness fun

15mm | silver foil

A fun washi to get motivated! How adorable is that little peachy butt? This roll features all sorts of fitness activities from yoga to sports to running and weights!

rainbow animal onesies 2.0

15mm | holographic foil

One of our most popular washi tapes ever is the rainbow animal onesies! Now back with revamped artwork and a pastel rainbow background!

self care 2.0

15mm | matte purple foil

A revamp of our self care washi tapes! The background is a soft, muted purple that fades towards the bottom. Perfect to mark relaxing nights in!