Helen's Top 10 Favourite Sticker Sheets 2021

Helen's Top 10 Favourite Sticker Sheets 2021

Posted by Helen Wang on

As I was designing new sticker sheets for our next release, I realized we have over 800 emoti-related sticker sheets alone! With our doodles, kits, and various other types of stickers, I wouldn't be surprised if we carry over 1000 products. It can be overwhelming to decide which stickers to get especially if you're just starting your collection, so here are my personal favourite sticker sheets that I have designed and that I personally use in my own planner week-to-week.
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1. Laptop Working Emoti Stickers

We have several various versions of our bestselling working emotis in the shop! My favourites are the original grey to match any spread, and the animal onesie version when I want something fun.

2. Family Eating Emoti Stickers

I'm away from my family for the majority of the year because I'm still a student, thus whenever I do get to enjoy a meal with my loved ones, it's something special I want to document. I noticed I didn't have any other stickers to represent this so I really created this sticker sheet for myself initially! I also love using this when I get together with friends for a fun day of eating~

3. Just Be A Potato Doodle Stickers

I love using this sheet to add a bit of cute humour in my spreads. Sometimes one just wants to be left alone and potato-out for a day you know?!

4. Cleaning Ninja Emoti Stickers

Moving out and living alone has made me realize just how many dang chores there are! I swear I wipe the kitchen counter like 5 times a day haha. These emotis are perfect for marking a deep-cleaning day! The emotis sure look determined...

5. Mental Health Stickers

Okay, I couldn't narrow-down my choices for mental health stickers so here are three that I use literally every week (...I don't think this is a good thing though haha). The first sheet is a mental health sampler--with the option to get full sheets of each design--which is perfect for tracking any symptoms. I use the second sheet for when I need to put on a brave face despite mental health challenges, and I use the third sheet for when I'm just soooo done with the day.

6. Make Memories Banner Doodle Stickers

This is a fun sticker to use but also probably the most I've had designing a sheet! I love using these to decorate a fullbox or to take-up any empty spaces on a jouranling spread.

7. Emoti Head Planner Stickers

Anyyyyytime a new customer asks for recommendations, I always push these emoti head stickers! The thing about starting a sticker collection is that there are so many things to track. Stickers for groceries, stickers for family time, stickers for work, stickers for when a bird poops on your windshield right after you cleaned it and you accidentally tripped on your way to the door, etc. If you need some versatile stickers to mark your daily events or moods, these are perfect for you! We currently have 9 sheets for you to pick and choose from, and also a discounted bundle for convenience. 

8. So Dang Excited Emoti Stickers

I tend to draw a lot of stickers for when I'm feeling down, so let's break that up with this SUPER happy sheet! These emotis are perfect for documenting all of the 'wins' in your life~

9. Speech Bubble Emoti Stickers

A rather simple sheet, but that's exactly why I use this sheet so often! They're great for marking meetings, calling someone, chatting with a friend, presentations, etc. I also had people tell me they use these stickers to mark therapy which is a great use for this design!

10. Various Food Emoti Stickers

Sorryyy, I couldn't pick just one food sheet (who can?). Even narrowing it down to 3 was ultra difficult haha. I'm a huge fan of sushi so the first sheet is a staple in my collection. The second sheet are my takeout emotis which is versatile for marking any general takeout. And lastly, I chose the sandwich sheet because I find it so funny haha. Can you see the little detail that I'm talking about?

Honourable Mentions


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  • Oh geez if I had to pick top 10 favorite i would probably have an extremely difficult time and I’m not Helen, i definitely can’t draw cuteness!!! I do have pretty much all the stickers ever created from her though. If I had to choose all time favorites it would probably be sampler sheets like you get from turning in your full bean cards. This is one of the only if not the only shop I am aware of that does special dampers for a reward for you collecting the little coffee “beans” off each of the sticker sheets you purchase. The only problem for me or people like me is I always want to get all the current samplers available so I print a sheet to collect my beans and I had one almost full (that’s possibly 10-12 bean cards which would equal 10-12 samplers) and as with most things in my life I have great intentions and keep it somewhere safe so I won’t misplace it, the last one I had I can’t for the life of me find 🙈 it would be great if there was an electronic way of storing your bean cards until ready to use, but I guess I could have taken a picture of each one that I filled, but I didn’t think of that at the time 🤦🏻‍♀️ now I do have a ton of beans to take off my sticker sheets so I better start again soon. Those sampler sheets, and other limited ones that are rare like if Helen designed a freebie for another shops birthday, or special ones for special sales like Black Friday, etc. out of the ones you can get when the shop is open I would probably have to pick the mom life ones all of them (since I became a mom of course) and the mental health and chores ones. I won’t even try listing the ones in each category but basically you really can’t go wrong with any!! It’s also such a great shop that it is now starting its own subscription and it has one of the best Facebook groups on all of facebook!!! Honestly!!!

    Tina on
  • Completely obsessed with all Helen’s designs! Thanks for creating the most adorable stickers on planet earth!!

    Joanne Albano on
  • Love all these stickers! You are amazing. Blessings.

    Wendy on
  • Love all these stickers! You are amazing. Blessings.

    Wendy on
  • love how your honorable mentions are like a whole set of emotis that you also love. can never get enough!

    Shakila on
  • I love this list. Will definitely pick up the Emoti head bundle. I love your humor.

    Kellz on

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