TheCoffeeMonsterzCo Starter Guide

TheCoffeeMonsterzCo Starter Guide

Posted by Helen Wang on

Welcome to TheCoffeeMonsterzCo! This blog post will give you the ultimate introduction to our little world. Whether you are looking to just to spruce up your planner with some adorable stickers, or join in on our fun events, our family welcomes you. There is a lot to cover, so let's get started!

1. About Us

Our small stationery business is based in British Columbia, Canada. TheCoffeeMonsterzCo (TCMC) was established on March 6, 2016 by me (Helen!) when I was in Grade 10 of highschool. We started with a few wonky emoti sheets, doodles, and kits. Nowadays, our business is powered by a team of people as there is no way I can fit everything I have to do into 24 hours! Here is our current team, and you can read more on the about us page.

2. What We Sell

Our shop is primarily a sticker shop. Our emoti & doodle stickers are perfect for all planners out there, and we also make planner kits for specific planners. Over the years as we have grown, we started selling more fun stationery items and accessories! These are what I typically call specialty items as they are seasonal. For example, washi tapes, pencil pouches, charms, sticky notes, etc. As a small business, we are very limited in the amount of inventory we can keep on hand. For this reason we are actively looking for a larger warehouse space so we can hopefully start stocking our specialty items regularly!

3. Types of New Releases

Our stickers are readily available all year, but our specialty products are not. So, how does one purchase our specialty items? Let's go over our different methods of selling items:

Regular new release
  • Items are ready to ship
  • Stickers are always unlimited stock and will not sell out
  • Specialty items are limited and may sell out, first come first serve
  • Items are producted after your purchase
  • The processing time is up to 3 months
  • Stock is unlimited and customers can purchase as many things as they would like within the advertised preorder window.
Preorder hybrid
  • We have items ready to ship, but if the item sells out, we immediately make it available for unlimited preorder for customers who missed out
  • The processing time if customers purchased the ready to ship stock is quick, and the processing time for customers who preordered is up to 3 months
  • After we package & ship all of the preordered goodies, any products we have leftover will be listed in the shop a few months later
  • Since this sale is just for leftover items, stock is limited and things tend to sell out quickly as it is a way for us to get rid of excess inventory

The best way for customers to get the specialty items is to participate in the preorders and preorder hybrids. We rarely release specialty items in the form of a new release nowadays to ensure customers are able to purchase freely. Overstocks would be what we consider the last resort for customers to get our special items as leftover items are limited to, well, what is left over!

4. Annual Sale Events

We don't have a set calendar for our shop as things change every year. The best way to stay tuned with new release announcements would be through our Facebook group community and on our Instagram account. We also send out newsletters but only for our big events, and not for regular new releases. There are several sales that happen annually without fail:

Shop Anniversary
  • Our official anniversary date is March 5th
  • The sale event is always in March, but not necessarily on the 5th
Helen's Birthday
  • Helen's birthday bash is August 6th
  • The sale event is always in August, but not necessarily on the 6th
  • This sale is the largest sale of the year both release-wise and discount-wise
Black Friday Weekend
  • Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the USA so the date changes every year. It is always near the end of November.
  • We do a 4-day sale weekend with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.
  • Cyber Monday is when we release our annual new digital clipart pack


5. Bean Cards

Our bean card program is full explained in the FAQ section of our site. Click here to view!

6. Conclusion

That is all I can think of for now! We are a welcoming bunch so should you have any further questions, pelase feel free to reach out at Thank you for reading!

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  • I wonder the same, not only for washi tapes but other specific products, even willing to pay for international freight, customs and everything I could never find those products available…I hope that now with a new office you can increase the items in stock 🙏☺️

    Gilmara Fernandes on
  • I agree with the comment above regarding washi tape, vellum, etc. It would be nice if there was more stock or limit per order so that people couldn’t buy them to resell and lovers of your products could have an opportunity buy direct from you to support you vs. a reseller! :)

    KiwiKid on
  • Hi, I have a cuestion. Why the Washi tape are always ’ Sold out?
    I never has the chance to buy any washi tape. How do I now when they are available, I check the principal page
    all the time; and the washi tape ,vellum etc. are sold out. Thank you so much in advance.

    Milagros on
  • ya its gr8 as usual helen

    somebuddy on
  • I love this blog post. It explains everything so well. I love the hybrid option. You are awesome for providing that for us.

    Kellz on

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