Time Zones

Please email thecoffeemonsterzco@gmail.com if you want your time zone to be added! If you notice any errors, please let me know as well so I can correct it asap!

Note that the nature of a preorder is nothing sells out until the preorder ends on June 20th 11:59pm PDT so if the start of the preorder is at an odd time for you, there is no rush! The only downside to ordering later is your order will ship later since we pack chronologically, but ultimately you will still receive the product!

Preorder Date: June 15th, 12pm PDT

Common Zones Time Equivalent 
Australia (Adelaide) 4:30AM (next day)
Australia (Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane / Kingston) 5:00AM (next day)
Australia (Perth) 3:00AM (next day)
Central Time 2:00PM
Eastern Time 3:00PM 
Finland 10:00PM
India 12:30AM (next day)
Italy / Sweden 9:00PM
Japan 4:00AM (next day) 
Mountain Time 1:00PM
New Zealand 7:00AM (next day)
Philippines / Singapore / Malaysia / Brunei 3:00AM (next day)
Sweden 9:00PM
Thailand 2:00AM (next day)
United Kingdom 8:00PM