Classic Emoti Acrylic Washi Stand
Classic Emoti Acrylic Washi Stand

Classic Emoti Acrylic Washi Stand

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Hand-drawn by Helen 6.10"/15.5cm tall
For Any Planner

An adorable decoration piece for your desk or craft room! Swap-in your current favourite washi tapes or display some seasonal washi tapes. The number of rolls this stand holds is dependent on the size of your washi, but as an estimate, the space allos for ~7 rolls.

Instructions: Each purchase comes with two pieces: a circular base and an long insert. Thread the insert piece through some washi tapes and stick it into the slit on the base. Note that for the base, there is a "right" side and a "wrong" side. If you find that the insert does not fit through the slit, turn the base around and stick it through the other side!

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