Let's Help Our Mates! Phone Wallpaper - All Proceeds Donated to WIRES


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Update: That is a wrap for our fundraiser! I have donated the last sum of money to Wildlife Victoria. In total the TCMC community has contributed over 10,000AUD in donations to Australia! How crazy is that? Thank you so much for your support!!! All of the receipts can be found in the listing photos.

With the ongoing bushfires, our Australian friends need help with everything from fighting the fires, taking care of wildlife, to helping displaced families. My family and I have donated $1000 to the Australian Red Cross already, (who does incredible work supporting people in emergency situations) but we hope to do more with you! All proceeds (2.50USD per sale) will be donated to WIRES who is Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization. They are actively saving the beautiful animals who are losing their homes so any assistance helps! If you have a few extra dollars to donate and would like some adorable animals staring at you every time you unlock your phone, I hope you can consider purchasing this wallpaper~

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