Misfit Sticker Grab-Bag - 1 PER CUSTOMER

Misfit Sticker Grab-Bag - 1 PER CUSTOMER

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Misfit Grab-Bags Go Live In:

One per customer please!

We do not accept returns/exchanges for imperfect items as that is the reason why the stickers are discounted. We also do not accept any requests for specific designs. Sheets are prepackaged at random.
Extra Note: EU/UK customers will have to pay VAT on this product retroactively! Please factor the applicable VAT rate into your budget.
Hand-drawn by Helen 3.5" X 4.6" Matte sticker paper
For Any Planner

This misfit sticker grab-bag comes with 10 sticker sheets discounted by more than 50% off! Possible issues that make these stickers misfits:

  • Out of season
  • Slight off-centered cuts
  • Slight misprints
  • Slight difficulties in peeling
  • Small smudge somewhere

Most if not all stickers are still perfectly usable but they just do not measure-up to our inventory standards. 

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